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Wakeboarding is one of the sports Hardboard has to offer for which you don’t have to travel far! Within 30 minutes you are at the wakeboard track of Cable Waterskicenter Twente located in the waters of Het Rutbeek.

When you get the hang of it you will glide over the water and maybe even attempt to do some tricks on the water or the obstacles.

Wakeboarding has been an official sport of Hardboard since 2009 and since then many Hardboarders have picked up some tricks along the way. Because it is so close and so affordable you’ll find many Hardboarders there every season.


Isn’t wakeboarding once a week enough for you? Or are you always busy on Mondays? Don’t be sad! A wabbo (extra wakeboarding subscription) is everything you dreamed of! With a wabbo you can make use of the wakeboard track outside of Hardboard wakeboarding hours!

The more wabbos you buy, the cheaper they get! 

Every year we buy a limited amount of wabbos. If you want to have wabbos, claim them quickly! Buy wabbos by sending an email to wakeboardcommissaris@dwv…*


  • It is not possible to use a wabbo in April, July and August

  • It is required to upload a recognizable picture on your account on the website, so that it can be checked at the desk who you are;

  • There is a maximum of 6 wabbo's per day;

  • Signing out of a wabbo shift can be done untill 2 p.m. the day before. Are you too late? A wabbo will be taken from your account.

  • For the rest of the terms, you can use this overview (p.s. it is available in Dutch only, but you can send an email to wakeboardcommissaris@dwv...*

For more info send an email to:


*extend to (to avoid spam)

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