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Wakeboarding was added to Hardboard in 2009. It has grown to become a large part of what we do. Every week many Hardboarders board at the local track at the Rutbeek (30 min bike ride). It is a golden opportunity to be able to board every week, wind or no wind. Since it’s close by, you can do this even in the midst of your exams.

Wakeboarding at Hardboard

Every monday midday/evening during the season we board for 4,5 hours at the local track: Waterskicenter Twente (location found with google maps). This is divided in 3 timeslots so that you can choose what suits you best. The season starts in april and ends in september. This excludes the summer holliday but there is an option to board during during the summer through a sepparate arangement.


What does it cost?

To wakeboard on the mondays, you do not pay any extra fee when you own your own stuff!! When you want to rent HB equipment:


Renting equipment

Hardboard owns wakeboards which are used at the track. Next to our own boards we may borrow 5 wakeboards from the track company. You can hire an association board for the price of €1,50 per person per shift.


Unlimited boarding if you want to!!!

For the most enthusiastic boarders, we have the option to also board on different days during the week then monday. You pay a great price and get allot of freedom. For specifics check (LINK: https://www.dwvhardboard.nl/extra-wakeboarding)


Bring a friend!

Do you want to bring a friend to show them/ let them try out wakeboarding? This is entirely possible. He/she pays 10 euros to join once. When he/she decides to become a member of Hardboard within one month after trying it out, the person can ask the 10 euros back from the wakeboardcommissioner of the board.


For more info send an email to:



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