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A group of spectacular Hardboarders helps keep our association afloat. They are the active members who help to organize fun events, keep an eye on the materials and repair them when something is broken, and put their heart and soul into the merch, the Tukgijp (HB magazine), and trips.

Do any of the committees sound fun to you?! Don't hesitate to send a message to the board ( or directly to the committee. You can always join a committee activity or meeting just to see what it is all about!


This super fun committee organizes many activities during the year. Things like the mid winter BBQ, the OLIE, and the Rutbeekday! They also organize the weekends away: the introduction weekend and instruction weekend!

WAve surf committee

This committee organizes everything surrounding wave surfing. They buy the materials, plan (weekend)trips, and of course the amazing annual wave surfing trip!

kite committee

The members of this committee advise the material commissioner on what needs to be purchased for Hardboard. In addition, there is an active search for kite material that is on the wish list. Want advice on what materials you yourself should buy, ask these people!

windsurf committee

This committee makes sure that epic windsurfing can take place. For example, they determine which materials should be purchased and which fallen boards or sails are lovingly given a new life in a repair session. The committee members also organize occasional clinics and pass on their knowledge during the instruction weekends.

wakeboard committee

The Wakeboard Committee handles everything that has to do with wakeboarding. They purchase new wakeboard materials, make sure they stay in tip-top shape, and form nice deals with the wakeboard track.


The SkateCie is responsible for the (bi)weekly skate sessions and everything surrounding skateboarding with Hardboard. They organize outdoor skate sessions, buy new skateboards and some members give skateboard instruction in the Fabriek. They also create exciting skate opportunities for members.


This committee is responsible for organizing the legendary annual HB-snowtrip. They work closely together with winter sports companies to make sure our members have the best time possible on the slopes of a snowy mountain.


What is an association in Enschede without cool merch?! The CreaCie makes sure that every proud Hardboarder can be recognized in their Hardboard hoodies, t-shirts, bucket hats, lycra’s and other crazy items.

Firefly surfing goats. They are windsurfing, kitesurfing, wavesurfing, snowboarding, skate

The Tukgijp is the Hardboard magazine that rolls out of the printer three times a year. The committee members always keep an eye out for awesome trip reports, juicy stories and beautiful pictures! They ask members for interviews or stories and gather these in the legendary Tukgijp.


Wonder how these pixels got on your screen? These heroes are behind everything that is related to the website. The look, the information, and all the back-end applications are all managed by the WWW.


The transport committee makes sure all the vehicles of Hardboard (car, bus, (travel)trailers) can stay on the road. This means occasional repair and maintenance sessions.

kick-in committee

Every year during the Kick-In there is a lot to do! New potential Hardboard members come to check out the Hardboard stand at the Association Market and at other activities during the Kick-In. Hardboard also always has a couple of do-groups which together get to know the association!

Introductieconcert-Enschede-2022-Emiel Muijderman-LR28.jpg
external affairs

Extern ensures that Hardboard gathers sponsors and maintains the contact with them. They also organize fun fundraising activities that earn essential funds for our association. Extern also looks for good discount deals for members.


The GalaCie is in charge of making the HB Gala an unforgettable night! Sometimes they organize a gala especially for a lustrum year or sometimes we share the fun with other associations!

HB media

All the pictures you see on this website, our Instagram, and in the Tukgijp are taken by our members! Those with cameras, GoPros or their phone take pictures of all the adventures we go on!


To assure the safety of beginner kiters, Hardboard has a kiteworthy system in place. The members of the FlyHigh committee are experienced kiters and determine the skill level of a kiter. Learn more about this here.

This committee also coordinates the kite surf instruction, which we outsource to the kite school Antix.


The RVA gives out advice to the current board on their policy plans and helps them out if things are getting tough. These members are picked by the candidate board and are often times old board members.


The bookkeeping done by the treasurer has to be checked periodically by the Kas Committee. A couple of times a year the committee comes together to see whether the treasurer, and with that the board, has their financial affairs in order.


The members of this committee determine whether members are responsible enough to make use of the means of transportation available to Hardboard. Do you want to borrow the car/bus/trailer? Then make sure you get your HB driver’s license by going surfing with one of these people.

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