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Ever since Hardboard was founded in 1987, we have been adding to our gear list. Hardboard members can rent out the equipment for a low price of almost nothing and take it on surfing days and trips. 



Members can rent equipment for as little as €2.50 per day. General rule of thumb, €2.50 for a board,  €2.50 for sails, kites and necessary accessories, €2.50 for a wetsuit. We make a distinction between YELLOW TAG and RED TAG wetsuits. Yellow tag wetsuits are in good shape. They have little to no holes in them, zippers close, they are nice! Red tag wetsuits, have seen some shit. They might have holes, and can be damaged but still add that extra bit of warmth. They are too damaged to ask money for, but too good to throw away so they are FREE to use!

A full set of gear excluding wetsuit costs you 5/day


  • Kitesurf

  • Windsurf

  • Wake

  • Wave surf (including leash and fins)

  • Skate (including protective gear)



  • Kite (including bar, leash, harness)

  • Windsurf sail (including mast, mast base, boom, fins, harness etc.) 


Wetsuit (yellow tag)

Wetsuit (red tag)



Let's go over some examples :) Let's say you go windsurfing for one day and use one board, and two sails, including all necessary accessories like a mast base, boom etc. You don't have a wetsuit, so you take a yellow tag wetsuit with you as well. This would cost you €7.50,- (1x board, 2x sail, 1x wetsuit). You only pay once for every piece of gear, taking two sails for one day means paying for only one sail!

Another example. You go on a wave surfing day. You don't have a wetsuit but you don't mind being a little cold so you take a free red tag wetsuit. You take a wave surfboard and a leash. This would cost you €2.50 (1x board).

Next to the material rental we have something called the trip regulation. Through this regulation you can take Hardboard gear on your own trips. The trip regulation is meant for trips longer than four days and the prices can be found in the Material Rental Policy document in the Papierwinkel!

During surfing days damages will sadly happen, for that reason we have something called the Damage Policy. This policy can be found in the Papierwinkel and will explain you everything regarding damage. The most important thing to do when damaging equipment is send a mail to schade@dwv...


Yes! and no. All material Hardboard owns is for our members. We do, however, have some rules in place to keep everything and everyone as safe and undamaged as possible. 

The material for windsurfing, wave surfing, wakeboarding and skateboarding can be rented by any member, regardless of experience or skill.


For our kite material, however, you have to prove you can handle it with care. Therefore, you can only rent kite material independently when you have reached the KITE INDEPENDENT level. Until then, you will need a KITE PRO to rent kite material. More on this on the kite surf page.

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