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Within Hardboard we have 4 main disciplines. For each of these there is a different set of rules, guidelines, main points, and other important details you should know about. On these pages you will find the know-abouts for each discipline. Our disciplines are:


In the beginning of time there was water. Coincidentally, there was also wind. Humans felt the unstoppable urge to tame the water and wind. As a result, windsurfing was born! It didn’t take long before this great sport reached Enschede, and in 1987 it was decided to combine forces, resulting in the birth of “Drienerlose Windsurf Vereniging Hardboard”. Since this day the spirit of the Wind has been holy to the members of Hardboard, and we try to catch it as often as we can.


After a while people invented different variations to use water and wind combinations for awesome sports. Hardboarders soon discovered this evolution, and from the year 2004 kitesurfing became officially recognized as a sport within DWV Hardboard. Since then, the amount of kitesurfers has grown every year at Hardboard.


Long ago, there was a separate, independent, wakeboard-association. Since wakeboarding is an ideal alternative for kitesurfing, more than half of this association consisted of Hardboard members. Because of this, it didn’t take long for Hardboard to adopt the complete association. From 2009 on wakeboarding has been the official third discipline of DWV Hardboard.


One of the questions that Hardboarders hear most of often from non-members is “Do you guys also practice wavesurfing”? This is probably because when you tell someone that you surf, they tend to assume that you wavesurf. Because we could not think of any reasons not to adopt wavesurfing within our association it was decided in 2010, after a successful year of pilot-testing this sport, to make wavesurfing the 4th discipline within DWV Hardboard.


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