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Hardboard is the one and only board sports association of Enschede where UTwente, Saxion and ArtEZ students come together to surf, skate and have a blast.

Hardboard has 6 official sports, most of them related to water in some shape or form. Glide over the water with a kite, wave surfboard, or while windsurfing. Want to try something closer to home? Try wakeboarding at Rutbeek or skating at the Fabriek. What about the colder months? Join the snowtrip to a snowy mountain and shred down on a snowboard or on ski's.


"I have never surfed before?!"

All experience levels are welcome here at D.W.V. Hardboard. In fact, many people who leave Hardboard as experienced surfers and passionate lifestylers started out on our biggest newbie boards. Hardboard provides windsurfing, wakeboarding, wavesurfing, and skate boarding instuction by experienced members and has close ties with a certified kitesurfing school. We also help kite surfers after their first instruction.

We have an abundance of enthusiastic members who would like to teach you the ropes and give you tips!

The weather, wind and wave forecasts are constantly being watched so as soon as the conditions are optimal, take a day, gather some people, pack enough material in the Hardboard car or bus, and drive to a beautiful watery and windy spot. Rig up your gear and shred away.

You can also wakeboard and skateboard right here in Enschede during our weekly wake and skate sessions!

“But, there is no water in ENSCHEDE?! How and where do you surf??!”

Next to surfing Hardboard has an open and inviting vibe in which everyone is welcome. Hardboarder likes to party, Hardboarders likes to chill.

Many activities are organized throughout the year like instruction weekends, short and longer trips, movie nights, the mid winter BBQ, galas, and of course the weekly drink at San Remo (Thursdays 9pm).

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