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Hardboard goes on several trips each year.


Because Enschede is not at the beachfront, yet, we have two cars that carry our boarding gear for us to various surf spots. These two cars are completely owned by Hardboard and are maintained by our members and the occasional trip to the mechanic when we are completely unequipped to deal with the problem ourselves. 

  • COSTS - Naturally, costs will be charged for the use of the cars. These costs are calculated by the kilometer and make sure Hardboard has enough funds to maintain the cars. Additionally, before a trip with the car, the fuel should be topped up. The cost of driving a car will be calculated afterwards (driving costs + fuel costs) and be automatically deducted during the next DoeKoeDinsdag. We charge different costs whether the cars are used for a surfing purpose or for private use.

SuSi (surf)

Hulk (surf)



SuSi (private)

Hulk (private)



  • DRIVERS LICENSE - To have some control over who gets to drive the cars, HB has a driver's license system. The Weize are members independent from the board who decide who gets an HB driver's license. This way we have some control over how the cars are treated. The cars will not be rented out to non-members or members without the corresponding HB driver's license. More on how to get an HB driver's license below.

  • RESERVATIONS - When you have a HB driver's license and want to drive a car you have to let the transport commissioner know beforehand. You can also reserve a car for a specific date. Keep in mind that surfing goes before private use, so if you have reserved a car for private use, and on the day of, people want to go surfing, they have priority.

  • DAMAGE - If damage is done to a car, you have to report this to the transport commissioner. Please note that you, both as driver and passenger, are liable for (part of) the damage to a car. You can find the details in the internal regulations (found in the papierwinkel).

  • MANNERS - A dirty or messy car is not nice. You must of course make sure you return the cars clean.

The SuSi is our trusted family car! If fits a family of 7, somewhat uncomfortably. Equipped with a CD player, old CDs and a state-of-the-art Bluetooth FM transmitter, your drive to and from the surfing spot will be nothing less than a party!

  • 7 people or 5 people with trunk space or 2 people and a lot of trunk space :)


  • Tow bar

The Hulk is our green beast. Good chance you have seen it on or around campus! The Hulk also fits a family of 7, comfortably! When you drive the Hulk you feel like you are on top of the world, you are just so cool! The Hulk can carry large amounts of cargo in the back and is equipped with a backup camera.

  • 7 people

  • Lots of cargo space


  • Tow bar

  • Backup camera 

I want a HB driver's license!


The Weize give out several different driver's licenses. You need separate HB driver's licenses for driving the SuSi, the Hulk and to drive the trailers.


The Weize look at the following things when they give out HB driver's licenses:

  • Driver's license for more than 1 year

  • Driving experience (especially with long distances)

Email with the above information to ask if they would consider you for an HB driver's license. 



key access

Did you receive your HB driver's license? Learn more about how to request key access here!

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