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Of course, the surfing community had to come up with even more ways to combine water and wind. This time by being strapped to a kite and sometimes literally flying over the water!

Kitesurfing is a spectacular sport that is still growing rapidly worldwide. While kitesurfing you can reach speeds of up to 70km/h and jump a whooping 10 meters high and around 100 meters far! All of this while attempting to do tricks mid-air!

Kite independence

Though you don’t have to have any kitesurfing experience to start kitesurfing with Hardboard, there are some safety measures in place to ensure your well-being and to protect our materials. This is because kitesurfing can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle your materials the right way.

Our Kite Independence system works with kite-PROS, kite independence levels, and external instruction. All of these things will be explained here.


Hardboard has a select group of advanced kite surfers who by the FlyHigh Committee are appointed to be kite-pro.

They are able to watch not only their own but also other people’s kite surfing behavior while surfing.


As you can see in the table below, as a kite-BASIC, you need a kite-pro with you on a surfing day to be able to rent the Hardboard kite materials. The kite-pros can help you pick out suitable materials and give you the insights to eventually be able to do everything on your own.

kite independence system

Hardboard uses the following levels to determine the independence and skill level of a kiter. When starting out you have no level.

To become a kite-BASIC1 you have to get instruction at an external kitesurf school. Hardboard has close ties with the kite surf school Antix. During our introduction and instruction weekends, we organize kite instructions with them. After this instruction, the kite-pros will decide if you have learned enough to become a kite-BASIC1.

As you progress as a kite-BASIC1, you’ll eventually become a kite-BASIC2, until the kite-PROS have seen proof that you are worthy of becoming kite-INDEPENDENT.

Do even more cool tricks and jumps and you might even become kite-ADVANCED or a kite-PRO yourself!

Want to come on a kitesurfing day?!


Send an email to windsurfen@dwv…* or keep an eye on the surfing days agenda because the upcoming surfing days will be posted there! 

*extend to (to avoid spam)

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