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Hardboard has equipment for windsurfing, kiting, wakeboarding and wavesurfing. Before using this equipment you need to know a few things. Before renting the equipment you need to know what you need, how to use it and to not break it. Did you still break something? Then you go to: Damage policy.


Renting equipment

As a member you can rent from Hardboard. The prices and conditions can be found here.


How do I properly use rented equipment?

It is important to treat the equipment carefully. In particular:

-        Sand is bad. You cannot take your mast and boom apart if there’s sand inside. Sails and kites are damaged, if stored when dirty and/or covered in sand. They will rip during the bus trip back home. Make sure that you clean your equipment before rigging and/or derigging.

-        Masts and boards are easily broken. A mast breaks easily when dropped on concrete and a board will go leak if it is hit to hard.

-        Never surf with damaged equipment. This will only make it worse until it cannot be repaired anymore.

-        You will have to pay for the repairs of the damage you make.

Always report damage as soon as possible. To find more information about the damage policy you can find it here. When in doubt, do not use the equipment or ask a more experienced surfer.   

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