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Yeay! You want to become a Hardboard member!

To make it easy for you the Student Union came up with a 3-step plan of action (sorry, we didn't come up with this) to become a member. We'll try to make it as clear as possible for you!



HB Sign-up form

Fill in the HB sign-up form. Download it here! Send the completed form to secretaris@dwv… * or put it in the Hardboard mailbox (Postbus 217, 7500 AE Enschede)

*extend to

(to avoid spam)

Once you have become a member, automatic withdrawal for your HB fee can be set up.


Union card

Don't have a Union Card yet? Purchase a Union Card/Campus Card.

Member of other associations and already have a Union card? You don't have to buy it again. 



Purchase the Association-Specific Fee (Vereniginsheffing).

This fee is specific to every association and has to be paid even if you are a member at other associations.

Log in to Sports & Cultures and find the D.W.V. Hardboard Fee.

One year with Hardboard is cheaper than:

- 5 times wakeboarding

- 1/11 of the price of a full kite setup

- 4 beers per month!!

Hardboard Fee (full year)

Union Card (full year)*

Association-Specific Fee (full year)*




€60,- (early bird: €50,-)




*Prices are different for non-UT students. Click here for a full price overview


Are you still deciding? Want to try a sport out first? Come try out wakeboarding or skateboarding once to get a feel of the Hardboard vibes.

Hardboard also organizes two epic and affordable instruction weekends that are open to non-members! Get windsurfing or kitesurfing instruction there and spend a chill weekend away with Hardboard. Of course, you are also always welcome at our bi-weekly drinks (every other Thursday 9pm) or say hi to us at a barday in the sports canteen.

Do you still have questions about Hardboard you want to ask someone? Send an email to bestuur@dwv…*. They are more than willing to answer all your questions!

*extend to (To avoid spam)

Are you a member and want to unsubscribe from D.W.V. Hardboard?

Send an email to secretaris@dwv…* and state that you would like to unsubscribe. You don’t have to explain your reasoning but feel free to include it in your email. It might help us improve! You will receive an email when you are successfully unsubscribed.

Until you send this email, you will be subscribed and asked to pay union card, association fee, and contribution fee. Not paying these will eventually result in a fine that has to be paid by you!

*extend to (To avoid spam)

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