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Want to experience the awesomeness of surfing?

Weekend trips

Usually Hardboard organises weekend trips in May and September where you can learn to windsurf or kitesurf, even if you're not a member! We'll take care of equipment, food, drinks and a place to stay. To stay updated keep checking the site to see when the next weekend trip will be! 


It is possible to try out wakeboarding from April up to September (more info).

Weekly drinks

Besides all of this Hardboard can normally be found every Thursday night from 21:00 at the San Remo, feel free to join the party and drink a beer with us!

Zakelijk, Partner worden?

We hebben al enkele partners maar zijn altijd op zoek naar meer.
Hier vind u een overzicht van onze huidige partners.
Indien geïnteresseerd neem contact op met extern@*

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Hardboard info

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To see more Hardboard videos, check our YouTube or instagram!

Hardboard is the surfing association for UTwente, Saxion and ArtEZ students.

Hardboard has 4 main disciplins: Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding and Wavesurfing. These are our official sports, but all other boardsports are represented within Hardboard as well, for example: Snowboarding, longboarding and Skateboarding.

A more detailed description of what we do as a association can be found here!

Want to become a member?

Download the sign up form or click here for more info


Wakeboarden uitproberen?

Wil jij ook wel eens wakeboarden? Dat kan! Hardboard is wekelijks te vinden op de wakeboardbaan op het rutbeek. Stuur een mailtje naar wakeboardcommissaris@dwv* als je een keertje mee wil doen. Meer info vind je hier.


*dwvhardboard.nl (anti spam)

Learn to surf?

Have you always wanted to get on a windsurf board, or to give kitesurfing a go? This year, in September, we’re organising an alternative introduction weekend then other years.

Saturday, September 12th, we’re going on a field trip to Friesland for a day of surfing instruction. Sign up through this link!

Sunday 13/9, we’re having a chill afternoon at the Rutbeek, with some surf gear and a Bring Your Own Dinner. For a location, shoot us an email!

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