Surfing with groups

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Surfing with groups

Do you want to spend a day learning how to surf with your fraternity, sorority, board, school or department? We can organise that for you!

We can handle groups of about 10, then every group of 2 has a windsurfingset. Larger groups are also an option but we need more time to prepare. We can give instruction to teach the basics of windsurfing and give advanced instruction in smaller groups. Our instructors are members with an intermediate to advanced level in windsurfing. We can also accommodate things like a BBQ, brunch or some other fun activity like ‘pimp your board’.

Indication of price: 15-20 euros per day per person, depending on activities.

Interested? Contact us via mail: instructie@* or call us at: 06-48412548

*Add to the mail address above, this is to avoid spam

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