Corona-update, November 4th

Hello everyone,
During yesterday’s press conference some new measures were announced. The next two weeks the country will be in a stricter lockdown, in the hope that we can bring down the number of cases and regain some of our freedom as soon as possible. 
The most important change for us is that it is now forbidden to be in public together with more than two people. Due to this, we the board have decided that as well as all physical activities, all surfing days will also be cancelled. This includes surfing days of two people or less. Hardboard gear and transport will not be available during these two weeks. We have decided to do this because we want to not only follow the rules literally, but also consider their essence. In this way we hope to do our part as Hardboard, so that we can be on the water again in good conscience as soon as possible. 
To the people that have their own gear in the acco: we don’t yet know whether or not the university will restrict our access to the acco. We will update you as soon as we know anything. Of course you can always pick up your gear if this will make you feel more at ease. The keys to the storage will remain available. Of course we trust our members to not take any Hardboard gear without permission. 
The rules will take effect tonight, and should last until Wednesday November 18th. 
We hope you understand, and we will keep you updated.
Hang tight and hang loose,
All aBoard

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