Corona-update, November 18th

Hello everyone,
During yesterday’s press conference it became clear that the rules are getting more flexible and that they are going back to the rules of two weeks ago. It's great that it's all going to be a bit better now.

For Hardboard this means that we can go surfing again. Here's a refresher of the most important rules.

  • Keep 1.5 meters distance between each other at all times.
  • Inside ánd outside there is a maximum of 4 people. (This applies to the surf spot, Acco, Kelder, etc.)
  • Inside the vehicles and the accommodations, it is mandatory to wear a facemask. (So try to eat and/or drink outside of the vehicle or accommodation)
  • It is recommended to disinfect the vehicle after use.

Added rules in the protocol:

  • A maximum of two vehicles from Hardboard is allowed to go to the same spot. This rule also applies to private transport when using Hardboard materials.
  • In between the start of packing the both vehicles, there must be at least half an hour of time difference.

We ask you to give everyone an equal chance to go on a surfing day. For example: If there are more than 8 people who want to go surfing and you already went the previous three times, we kindly ask you to give others the chance to also go surfing. In this way, we hope it will be easier for new members to join a surfing day. As board we will keep track of who goes on a surfing day and jump in when needed.

You can find the protocol in the Papierwinkel on the website.

The rules start on Thursday the 19th of November. If there are any changes we will update you. We hope you understand.
Hang tight and hang loose,
All aBoard

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