Hey y'all,
The last opportunity to wakeboard before the summer holidays is on Monday, July 1st. After the holiday, we will start again with our weekly training in September. 
However, don't be sad! We have the perfect solution for you: Zomerwabbo's! With a summerwabbo, you can wakeboard for two hours in the summer for a reduced price. To order zomerwabbo's, send an e-mail to wakeboardcommissaris@dwvhardboard.nl before July first. The regulations can be found below.
With a summer wabbo, you can go wakeboarding any day. There are a few requirements in order to go wabbo'ing:

  • it is required that you upload a recognizable picture on your account on the website, so that it can be check at the cash desk whether it's really you;
  • There is a maximum of 12 shifts per day and 20 shifts per week;
  • Signing out of a wabbo should be done before 14:00 the day before. If you're too late, a wabbo will be taken from your account;
  • Zomerwabbo's are not transferable to other Hardboarders;
  • There won't be an opportunity to buy more zomerwabbo's after the deadline (July first) has passed.

Prices can be found in te table below. In order to buy zomerwabbo's, send an email to wakeboardcommissaris@dwvhardboard.nl before July first.
Edit: the table was fucked up. Here you have a list of wabbo prices :)

  • Ollie: 3 wabbo's for €36,00
  • Boardslide: 5 wabbo's for €50,00
  • Raley: 10 wabbo's for €85,00
  • Crowmobe: 15 wabbo's for €112.50
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