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For beginners, Hardboard provides windsurfing instruction at Rutbeek, not far away from the UT. Everyone who is interested can contact the board for instruction. Besides this, we provide instruction for external groups.

Sometimes windsurf instructors attend surf days. You can also recognize instructors by the green logo Windsurf in the members list. If you want instruction, sign up for the surf day and ask one of the instructors if they want to help you.

Moreover, during spring we organize an instruction weekend, which is also for non-members, where windsurfing and kitesurfing instruction is provided. Instruction is also given at the introduction weekend.

Furthermore, Hardboard also provide windsurf instruction for external groups. Do you want instruction for your fraternity/sorority, study association or another group you would like to surf with? Just ask for the possibilities and send an email to the windsurfguru.









External instruction

There are two weekends (normally during May and September) where Hardboard organizes kitesurf instruction for (non) members at a kitesurfschool. There are also opportunities to take lessons when there is a surf day at Workum/Mirns. If you want to take lessons, please send an email to the kitesurf commissioner.



When you have finished your instruction and you have practiced enough to be kite-worthy, you can borrow equipment from Hardboard. If you are kite-basic, you can kitesurf under supervision of a kite pro. There are three levels: kite-basic, kite-worthy and kite pro. These three levels will be explained below.


When you have finished your kitesurf instruction, you are allowed to practice kitesurfing on your own. As kite-basic you have to ask a kite pro if he or she wants to supervise you. You can recognize the kite pro by their green logo. Without supervision you are not allowed to go surfing. The Flyhigh commission decides when you are kite worthy and when you are allowed to surf on your own. You have a kitesurf card which tells you which skills you need to assess to become kite worthy.



If you are kite-worthy, you are allowed to use hardboard equipment to go surfing. If you are kite worthy you get a kite card as well. This card provides you information about tricks you can learn. If you are able to do an awesome trick, you can show them to the kite pro. The kitesurf commissioner will punch your card which allows you to brag to the about having learned something new!



A kite pro is a member of Hardboard who supervises the kite basics. For safety reasons, all kitesurf instruction is handled externally, and thus a kite pro does not provide instruction. You can recognize the kite pro by their green logo behind their name in the memberslist.




Wakeboarding contains two types of instruction. We have instruction for members who do it for the first time and we have instruction for the experienced wakeboarder for which we provide clinics twice a year.

Internal guidance

If you have never wakeboard before, no stress! Each shift a hardboard member provides instruction to help you out. The instructor explains you how to start and how to turn at the cable park. He or she will provide you from feedback so you know what went wrong and what went well.

External guidance

For those who are experienced enough and want to learn crazy tricks, twice a year we provide clinics from pro’s who help you out. He explains you how to do the tricks and will provide you from feedback. He will motivate you and pushes you just a little bit so you will have the guts to do the trick! A clinic costs more or less 5 euro’s per participant. These clinics can be find in the surf day calendar, just like a normal wakeboard shift.




For the beginners there are surf days where Hardboarders can provide you from instruction. If you need instruction, you can comment on the surf day event when you sign up and ask people who can provide you from instruction. During spring Hardboard organises a wavesurfing weekend for members. Hardboard provides the instruction. The instructors of wavesurfing can be recognized by the green logo behind their name on the website. Moreover, every year Hardboard organises a wavesurfing trip. If you have interest in wavesurfing, just contact the wavesurf commissiner.

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