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What exactly is Hardboard?

Hardboard is Enschede’s one and only surfing/boardsport society where boardsporters of all kinds come together to go surfing. Hardboard provides regular opportunities to go windsurfing, kitesurfing, wavesurfing (this is our term for regular surfing) and wakeboarding as well as the occasional snowboarding activity and the epic snow trip. We also have some skaters and many people own a longboard.
Hardboard welcomes everyone from beginners to experts. In fact, many people who leave Hardboard as experienced surfers and passionate lifestylers started out on our biggests newbie boards. Hardboard members provide windsurfing, wakeboard and wavesurfing instruction and we have close ties with a certified kitesurfing school and help kitesurfers after their first instruction.
The best way to get an impression of what we do is to check out our Youtube aftermovies at:
Also check out our facebook page at:

Benefits of being a Hardboard member

Hardboard has a large range of equipment you can use as a member. As a member you can rent the equipment for close to nothing: €2,50 for a board daily, €2,50 for a sail or kite. Because of our ambitious location with respect to available surfspots we have two vehicles at our disposal for getting around.

Is Hardboard for you?

Whether you are an experienced surfer, interested in trying out something new or just someone who likes to chill, Hardboard is a solid choice to wind down after a hard day of studying. Besides surfing, Hardboard has a strong focus on the surfing lifestyle as we organize barbecues, parties and activities throughout the year. To top it off, every thursday we meet at the Goldrush to relax, drink a beer and discuss epic surfing sessions/complain about the lack of wind.

Interested yet? Awesome! You can join Hardboard throughout the year with a reduced cost if there’s less than half of a college year left. The board is always reachable at bestuur@dwv* and will always be physically present every thursday.

Not so sure yet? No problem! Hardboard provides a few ways for you to get to know us. You can join us - no strings attached - on our two yearly introductionary weekends as well as our weekly wakeboard sessions. Just hit us up at bestuur@dwv* for details.
For the weekends see the Introduction weekends section below.

Is Hardboard any fun during the winter?

Yes. During the winter members often go on self organized trips abroad using our equipment and our cars. Next to that there is a regular wavesurfing trip and our boardsporters go crazy on the yearly snowtrip. Every week there is a drink in the Goldrush and our activities committee is busy organising fun activities. But we also have diehards that surf in the Netherlands all year round. 

Introduction weekends

We have two weekends where we offer windsurfing and kitesurfing lessons. You leave on Friday afternoon and come back on Sunday evening. Everyone meets at the Enschede train station and then we have a party in the train towards the location. You meet a ton of cool new people. You can join without being a member and decide at the end whether you would like to join us. For up to date info, look at our homepage. If the info is not there, or the info is clearly not up to date, please send an email to bestuur@dwv..* to help us out :P. 

Subscription and details

As per the Student Union’s regulations the subscription is split in two parts: the club-specific subscription and the required union card(This is card is mandatory for joining any association in Enschede and gives you discounts and such). The club-specific contribution is €65 for a full year (around two beers per month) or €32.50 for the halfyearly subscription.
An overview of the costs, at time of writing (February 2023) is:
Student Union Association charge: €28.50
Hardboard full year contribution: €65,-

If you want to sign up, download the form and send it to:


Registration form D.W.V. Hardboard

*replace @dwv with

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