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Wabbo's: what are they, and how do they work?

Isn't wakeboarding once a week enough for you? Or are you always busy on mondays? Don't be sad! A wabbo (extra wakeboarding subscription) is what you need!
A complete overview of the terms can be found here, yet it is only available in Dutch as this is the document that was agreed upon. If you need a translation, send an email to wakeboardcommissaris@dwv*...
If you buy more wabbo's, the price will be lower. This year, the following prices apply:
If you want to have a wabbo, be there quick. We only bought a limited amount, and once these are all sold, we cannot get hands on more wabbo's. Buying a wabbo happens by sending an email to wakeboardcommissaris@dwv*...

The most important rules

  • It is not possible to use a wabbo in April, July and August
  • It is required to upload a recognizable picture on your account on the website, so that it can be checked at the desk who you are;
  • There is a maximum of 6 wabbo's per day;
  • Signing out of a wabbo shift can be done untill 2 p.m. the day before. Are you too late? A wabbo will be taken from your account.
  • For the rest of the terms, you can use this overview (p.s. it is available in Dutch only, but you can send an email to wakeboardcommissaris@dwv...*


Sign up and go!

To sign up for a wabbo shift, go to the wakeboarding section on the website. Create a new shift (bear the opening times of Waterski Twente in mind) and sign up for this shift. Alternatively, you can join a shift that already exists. To start wakeboarding, go to the desk at Waterski Twente. They will check whether you signed up for a wakeboarding shift on the website and they will check your profile picture. You will get a wrist band and you can start shreddin'. Thats how easy it is! :D


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