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Wabbo's: What is it and how does it work?

Do you also think it is not enough to wakeboard once a week for one hour? Or do you always find it a bit too busy on the monday? Well, then we have a beautiful solution for you! The Wabbo!
What is a wabbo you say? Well, a wabbo is an extra wakeboard arrangement we have with the track where you can wakeboard yourself for 2 hours.
And you know what is even better? the more you buy the cheaper it gets! The prices down here are a rough estimation of what the end prices will be, a little correction will be made after te deadline 21st of may. You can already start using the wabbos earlier!
If you want a Wabbo be quick because we only get a limited amount of wabbos so be sure to buy them as quickly as possible. If the demand is very high halfway through the season I will ask Jeroen if we can have some more :)
What is different from other years is that the wabbos are now valid the whole season long so also in the summer!
If you want a wabbo please send me a message on WhatsApp +31 6 13415760 with your full name and how many you want. 

Important rules

  • The track needs you to have a good photo on your HB profile, such that they can check if it really you.
  • A maximum of 6 wabbos per day may be used.
  • Unsubscribing is possible until 14:00 the day before! Are you too late? Then the wabbo will still be subtracted whether you have gone yes or no.
  • Wanna buy extra wabbos? You can always send me a message;
  • It becomes available 2 weeks in advance;
  • This year Jeroen asked us to not go on the saturdays in the afternoon as this is mainthe  moment other customers come, if you still see a spot 2 hours in advance you can still go. :P

Sign up and Go!

To sign up for a wabbo shift, you must sign up on 2 places.

1. First you will have to see what times are available at the track, to do this a nice guide has been set up which can be found down below or here.

2. Lastly you also have to signup on the HB website and go to the following section: wakeboardsectie.  Next, make a shift(Keep in mind the amount of allowed people and the openingtime of the track), and dont forget to sign your selves up when you have created the wabbo. You can also signup on an existing WabboSesh and go together with your fellow hardboarders.

Then when you have everything in order you just go to track and let them scan the QR code (will be sent in the group chat), and then you will receive the bracelet to go wakeboarding for 2 hours. Easy as that!

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