Equipment Rent Rates

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Equipment rent


As a member of Hardboard you can rent equipment for surfing. For each sport there are prices for one day and a special 4 day or more arrangement.


A normal surf day or short trip


-        Half a set, board, kite or sail with attachments are €2.50 a day.

-        A full set, board + sail/kite with attachments are €5 a day.

-        Renting a separate mast or boom will be €1.25 a day.

 -        Renting a wakeboard is €1.50 a time a person.


No-surf arrangement


Sometimes you arrive at the spot and there is no wind/conditions. In this case the no-surf arrangement applies. If the equipment is rented for 1 day and it is not used for surfing, the member does not have to pay. When renting the equipment for 2-4 days, and the equipment is not used, a compensation of 50% is being maintained. When renting the equipment for more than 4 days, the rent will be determined by the trip arrangement.


Trip arrangement


This arrangement is for when you leave for more than 4 days with surf equipment. In this case you pay weekly per part. The price will also depend on the condition of the material (Perfect, good or retro).


-        Sails - PERFECT: €7,50 weekly

-        Sails - GOOD: €2,50 weekly

-        Mast: €2,50 weekly

-        Booms: €2,50 weekly

-        Booms - retro: weekly

-        Boards - PERFECT: €10 weekly

-        Boards - GOOD: €5 weekly


-        Kites - PEFECT: €10 weekly

-        Kites - GOOD: €5 weekly

-        Boards: €10 weekly

Wave surfing

-        Board: €10 weekly

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