Basic Surf Life Support BSLS @SEA

Have you ever witnessed an accident in the water? Have you ever had to take care of some cuts and scraps after a day of surfing? Want to learn what to do when these things happen?

Many surfing sports can be really dangerous for beginners and even for experienced surfers. Accidents in the water can happen in a split second. Therefor it is crucial that when these things happen, people are there to help and know how to handle accidents in and around the water!

We are organizing a Basic Surf Life Support course that will take place on the 17th of June in Scheveningen! The course is FREE, you only have to get there and bring your own food!

Max is 20 people so be quick! You can still sign up after 20 people have signed up, you'll be added to the waiting list. 


Car - We will see if we can organize some cars to drive there and bring surfboards. More on this soon!

Public Transport - We advice to take the train of 06.16 from Enschede to get there on time!


Provisional schedule!!


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