HB fundraising event 1: Liberation Day Festival (Campus UT)


What: Raising money for Hardboard by working on the Liberation Day Festival (werkactie)

When: 05-05-2023, time schedule: 16:00 - 00:00 h

Where: Campus UT (festival terrain)

Sign-up deadline: 02-04-2023

Sign up on the website + join Whatsapp group chat:


Dear Hardboarders,

On the 5th of May (Liberation Day), Hardboard gets to work on the festival on the campus of the UT. Futhermore, we'il be raising money for Hardboard in the process! The money will go to some new wetsuits that can be used by all our members and a GoPro. The work could include giving out drinks to the festival guests, pouring drinks, scanning tickets, managing the coin cash register etc. We'il earn 10 Euros per person per hour, so that's quite a lot! That's also why we need your help! So if you're interested, please sign up on the website and please join the Whatsapp groupchat!

We don't have the exact time schedule yet but do count on an all day long shift!

If you have any further questions, please contact Louisa (board, external affairs).


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