Surf trip Ericeira!


The surfcommitee of hardboard is very busy with organising next years surftrip and this is one of the first steps to getting it off the ground. Let us know if you are interseted in going and try to fill in the other questions to the best of your abilities as well. The costs of the surf trip are still a rough estimate but there are a few facts. Last years trip was on a all inclusive camp outside the city center where we had a good time hanging out and sleeping. We could do this again, this year for around 650EU per person(plane tickets included, personal spending excluded), but this time around we could also try to be less dependent and cut costs at the same time! 
So, we estimated last years cost to be between 500-600 EU giving us a maximum budget we should avoid. We are going to do our best to find the cheapest and best suitable housing, surf gear, lessons and much more but unfortunaly we can't make any true guarantees as to what it going to cost just yet. Furthermore, the tickets are already more expensive then last year, 150 EU, so this is something to keep in mind. Now, to paint a small picture of how we are planning the trip to play out. Everybody has to buy his/her own ticket, we are going to rent cars, drive to our accomodation, we are trying to get everybody in one big surfhouse, all provisions will be bought centralised and surfing-gear and -lessons will be organised for the week according to skill level.
We hope this gives you some insight into what to expect for your money and we hope you are as hyped as us!



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