Lustrum Trip

When: 6 - 24 August. 
You can come when you want to. The option to leave later or sooner is also there. 
Where: Aveiro North Portugal.
This location was choicen because there is an option for wavesurfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.
How are we going? How you want to go is your own responsibility. Options are; roadtrip, flying, hitch hiking.
Costs: 400-500 a week
Accommodation: Camping
Deadline: 30th May

Hey there awesome Hardboarders!!

The time has come to think about your summer plans and of course you are thinking of joining the Hardboard lustrum trip! It is going to be a very fun trip to Aveiro in Portugal with kite surfing, wind surfing, wave surfing, partying and good fun with Hardboard altogether. Now we hear you asking, what about the transport, what about accommodation? Well we got you!! In this email you can find all the information about the trip.

Even with all the info, a trip to Portugal can still seem a bit scary so we have a WhatsApp group with all people interested in going on the trip so you can sort out all the details. Joing this chat does not mean you are definitely joining, it's just for people interested. :)

Next to that we will have a drink with all people wanting to go on the trip on Wednesday the 25th in Volkspark. Hope to see you there!


So what about transport?

( All these prices were calculated in May so could vary later on, especially plane tickets. )

  • By car

If you drive a roundtrip to Aveiro you need to travel a total of 4348km which would be +/- €500 of diesel so would you travel with 4 people would equal to +/- €125 pp and for gasoline it would be +/- €720 so with 4 people travelling €180 pp. Driving to Aveiro takes about 21h without stops so a three-day drive would be probable.

The Hulk and Suzi are also going to make the drive packed with surfboards so for people wanting to surf during the journey, there will be a ultimate-terror-excel sheet with who will be driving when.

  • By train / bus

Doing the whole journey by bus will cost you +/- €200-€260 round trip and it will take you +/- 35h to get from Enschede to Aveiro. Doing the whole journey by train will cost you +/- €680-€800 round trip and will take you +/- 25h. Doing a combo of bus and train will cost you +/- €500-€700 round trip and it will take you +/- 24h.

The costs of the train and bus depend on what kind of tickets you get and how good of a deal you can find so if this is the option for you, be sure to research a bit more.

  • By plane

A plane ticket will cost you +/- €200-€300 round trip depending on your amount of luggage, the amount of stopovers and from where you will be flying. A direct flight will be +/- 2h30.


So what about accommodation?

The camping we will be staying at is called Costa Nova.

  • On the camp ground

For a camping spot you would pay +/- €100-€140 per week per person. This includes  electricity  and water.

  • In a bungalow on the camping

Staying in a bungalow on the camping with 6 people would cost +/- €550-€700 per week. This is without bedsheets. This would mean +/- €110 per person per week.

Or you can always find your own place to stay of course. ;) An AirBnB for 4 people would cost about €1200 per week which would be €300 per person per week.


And last but not least, where will we actually be surfing?!

( In the little map added below you can have a look at the spots yourself. )

  • Viana do castelo: Kite- and windsurfing

This spot has a long beach with a themal boost that regularly takes the nortada up to 25 knots. It is quite a busy spot with cross to cross offshore wind in combination with 2m swell. There are quite some stones at this spot so watch out for your fins.

  • 4. Murtosa & Bico: Kitesurfing

At this spot you can stand so it is good for all levels. It is one of the most popular spots in the Aveiro lagoon. Shoes are recommended because of the smooth sea floor covered with mussels. At low tide it is ankle deep. Wind is thermally boosted in summer.

  • 5. Ria- de Aveiro Sul: Kite- and windsurfing

This spot has nortada, south and west winds. The spot biarritzis there where the water is a bit deeper and at low tide you can go windsurfing. If you are going to walk a lot on the beach, shoes are again recommended because of the shells.

  • Esposende Lagoa: Kitesurfing

This spot is knee deep with constant nortada wind. You can only get there by boat for which the kite school has season tickets. Also, if the wind suddenly picks up you can be rescued by staff. There are kickers and sliders in the lagoon for wakestyle. However, at the river mouth there is strong current and boat traffic. Nortada often doesn't start until the afternoon, so it's perfect for a hungover day.

  • 6. Praia da barra: Kite-, wind- and wavesurfing

At this spot you will find light gusty wind with waves. During summer it can be very busy on the beach.

  • 7. Costa nova: Kite-, wind- and wavesurfing

Behind the dunes of Costa Nova there is a reliable nortada wave spot. It's less gusty than Barra and the waves are bigger. In August you can launch from the nudist beach.


Well that’s it for now! If there is something missing, be sure to message the lucie and we’ll help you out. Don’t forget, the deadline to signing up is on the 30th of May. We hope to see you all on the Wednesday the 25th in Volkspark and of course during the trip!


Lots of love, LuCie

Lots of love, the lucie <3
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