WaveSurf Trip 2022!!

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Aloa surfers!
It’s been so long but it’s finally here! The famous wave surf trip is back on the menu. In 2022 we will be going to Ericeira Portugal! We will be going with an organization called Lapoint this year. If you want to look them up: https://www.lapointcamps.com/. The trip will take place from 20/2 till 27/2 in the vacation week of Utwente.
Lapoint got a few deals for us to choose from. So in order to complete your sign-up you need to fill in the form and let us know what deal you want. This is also where you find the different prices of the trip. (Also signup on the site so everyone can see you're going ;) ). How you get to Portugal is up to you so you can find the best deal. Just make sure you arive on the right day. If you don't know what to do you can always ask the wavesurf committee.
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Corona info:

  • It is your own responsibility to be aware and up to date with the corona measurements in Portugal. So its your job to get everything in order before you go, so get your booster if you need it!
  • About cancelling your trip: If you want to cancel you have to do it 30 days before the trip. After that you will not get a refund. Unless you buy cancellation insurance for 65 EUR, than you can cancel till 1 day before the trip.

If you have any further questions about the trip don't hesitate to ask the wavesurf committee. We are here for you ;)
What WaveSurf Trip!!!
When 20/2 - 27/2
Where Ericeira, Portugal
What to do Singup!!

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