Hi there!

It's that time of the year again: A long weekend of Denmark! 
Many of you will know what that means, but due to Corona, many of you might not understand what the hype is all about. So let me tell you:

Each year, a group existing of the most eager-to-chill and most eager-to-surf join up to hit the road and travel to Bork Havn, Denmark. We leave in the late afternoon / early evening to arrive around +-2am (it's a 7h drive). After some well-deserved sleep the weekend can start for real. Many wild stories find their origin in this lovely little town, where holiday houses with room for 6 people each are located. These houses are located right next to a lovely quiet surfing spot with +- knee- to waist deep water. If you walk 2 minutes in another direction, you'll find a free-to-enter swimming pool with a sauna and jacuzzi. Now, you might think that one single jacuzzi is not enough for a group of +-20, but then you haven't met Hardboarders in their natural habitat just yet. With the right mindset, everyone will fit and everyone can enjoy their beer in the nice hot jacuzzi after a day of awesome surfing or chilling. Afterwards, you just hope that one of you're housemates went back early and already stirred up some dinner for you. 

If there's no wind in Bork Havn, we might get lucky in Hvide Sande (+-30 minute drive) for either kite-/windsurfing or some wavesurfing. Otherwise, we can enjoy legoland, go on another day trip or just enjoy the tv screens, the surf shop, or some board games. 

You see, it's a weekend that you just CAN'T miss. Whether your a surf guru or a chill guru. Now that I've got you convinced, let's look at some details:

When: 20-23 october (default. There are always some Hardboarders leaving on wednesday or friday)
What: Surf & chill
Where: Danland, Bork Havn, Denmark
Cost estimate: +-165€ (includes food, 3 nights, and transport based onalmost full cars) + max 15€ if you need hardboard gear
Sign-up / -off deadline:  13-10 23.59
Logistics sheet (Fill it in!)

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