Hey Hardboarders,

It is time again for a barday! For people that have not done a barshift before or that are new at harboard. I will tell you a bit about why we do bardays. Once in a while Hardboard gets the chance to earn some extra money for the association, by doing bardays at the sport canteen. So if you have some time, it would be nice if you can take a shift!

Besides that bardays are also fun because many Hardboarders come to have a drink and work on their studies in the sports canteen during the day. So it is a great way to socialize with other Hardboarders.

Please be aware that age restrictions regarding alcohol are put to the test sometimes without anyone knowing, so when in doubt of someone’s age always check before providing alcohol.

You need the IVA certification to do a shift! Get it online here:

You do need an IVA certificate to be behind the bar, they can be obtained on this site within about 10 min:
Fill in 'Hardboard' as asscociation.
If you have any questions, or need help since the site is unfortunately only available in Dutch, you can send a mail to barco@dwv.... (complete to
Once you have the certificate you can mail a copy to barco@dwv...

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