Introduction Weekend 2021


What's good folks, it's finally time for a HB weekend again. We're gonna show some new students and some a little bit less new hardboarders what an awesome association Hardboard is! Join us on an epic weekend of amazing (learning) windsurfing, kitesurfing, chilling, respective partying and more! And don't forget to invite your non-hardboard friends!

We'll be camping at It Soal where you will be traveling by train. And you know what that means... a train drink! We'll have to do this a bit different of course since corona measures especially in public transport a still a thing, but expect a gooood time. 

The Theme for Saturday evening will be wHAT'S GOOD, so make sure to bring an interesting hat .

A quick estimate of the costs of this weekend are the following:

Weekend No Instruction: €60 +-

Weekend w/ Windsurfing Instruction: €70 +-

Weekend w/ Kitesurfing Instruction: €156 +-

*Deadline for signing up is september 2nd 23:59*

The first 50 spots will be reserved for Hardboarders, after that it depends on non-members signing up if you can join or not.

link for externals:

!!Please let us know in the comments if you which instruction you want or if you don't want one!!

More info will follow by email.

See you there!!

xxx- actiev

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