MadNes Festival 27- 29 aug

Hi there Hardboarders,
In the weekend of 27-29 of August the surf, skate and music festival MadNes will take place again on Ameland. It is not a festival like every other. No, next to really nice bands, different kind of music genres, beer and the beach they also have a lot of clinics. For example yoga, mountainboarden and slacklinen. As a surfer you would definitely like the vibe of this festival. (On the beach there isn't always range for your phone, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.) Have a look on there site to explore more about the festival.
The festival was started by four surffanatics who were (if I am correct) a member of our sister surfing association Plankenkoorts in Delft. Because of that they make sure that other surfing associations get a change to buy tickets earlier and with some discount. Nice!
How does it work?
Between 21th of May 10.00h and 23th of May 22.00u, you can buy a MadNes ticket with the next link and vouchercode. A normal ticket for a weekend would cost €139.50, but with the voucher it is €127,-. The officiel sale starts at 29th of May.
Ticketlink       Vouchercode: 25jb87st
Before you buy a ticket have a look at the ticketpage to see what is included in the ticket.
Good to know: You can only buy max. 2 tickets per person and if you don't go you could sell you ticket at Ticketswap.
There is a limited amount of tickets available and last year they were sold out before the end of the deal. So be sure you are on time!
Hope to see a group Hardboarders go to the festival, Hype!
Hangloose <3
NOTE: The festival is during the Kick-In
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