Batavieren Race

Hey there sweet surfin' stamina monsters of Hardboard!

It's that time of the year again, the Batavieren Race is coming to you april 23th!! The Batavieren Race is an epic relay race that goes all the way from Nijmegen to the UTwente campus in Enschede that ends with some great parties. Due to the rona the race is done in the same way as last year, you compete by running stages totalling up to 125 km on Strava! A whatsapp group has been made so you can meet up, train and compete together with your fellow runners! Of course all while taking covid rules into account. We'll join forces with Aeolus, the surfing association from Nijmegen and together we'll show the other teams what we're made off! Sign up for a nice run and some good excercise while representing Hardboard.

Further information will follow.

What: Batavieren Relay Race

Where: Where ever you want

When: april 23th

Costs: €30 divided over a group of max 25 people

Deadline: Please try to sign up before the 7th of march


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