***corona info below***

It's comiiiiiiiiiing!!! The Hardboard-Aeolus snow trip 2021 is finally approaching, and we're super stoked to have you on (a) board! After an... intense 2020 trip, we're going to go back to St. Sorlin d'Arves to set some things right! ;)

St. Sorlin d’Arves has a lot to offer:

●        310 km of slopes

●        7-day or 8-day skipass

●        Apartments walking distance to the slopes

●        Guaranteed snow and sun

●        Funpark

●        Great French wine and sophisticated French cuisine on the slopes

●        Awesome boarders from both Aeolus and Hardboard


The costs for the 310 km-area will be €444, including a 7-day skipass, accommodation, bus ride and bed sheets, excluding snowboard/ski rent, snowboard/ski lessons, and food and drinks. For an extra 8th day skipass an extra charge of €25,- needs to be paid. Also just like the past few years some Aeolus members will join us! We saved 45 spots for Hardboard and 15 for Aeolus. The signup deadline is December 1st, so fill out the Google form to claim your spot! :D


What: HB Snowtrip

Where: St. Sorlin d’Arves (France)

When: Friday 5/03/2021- Sunday 14/03/2021

Costs: €444 (incl 7-days skipass + €25 for an extra 8th day)

Signing up: (We will send you the official sign up with which you can pay shortly after you've signed up on this form. This may take a day or two)

Note about the amount of places: there are 45 places for HB and 15 for Aeolus. This means that when these spots are taken you will be put on the reserve list. Externals are also put on the reserve list, and will be sure of a spot if on the 1st of December not all HB and Aeolus spots are taken.

We hope to see you all on the slopes!

The snowcie


****Corona info****

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about how corona could affect our plans. Of course we can not predict what's going to happen, but Totally has provided us with information about how they will handle any corona-related situations. The most imporant questions are answered* here:

- What if the travel advice turns negative and we can't go?
 Totally will make sure that we will get our money's worth. Either they will relocate us to a country or region with a positive travel advice, or the trip will be cancelled. In this case you will get a refund, either in the form of a voucher or your money back (Totally does not say for sure what they will do)

- What if the travel advice changes while we are in France and we have to go home early?
Totally will make sure we are taken home as soon as possible. (They handled this really quickly last year!). Last year Totally was very nice to give us a refund, but this will not be the case this year. 

- What if I get sick and have to cancel before the trip?
The normal terms and conditions for cancelling will apply, so there is no special treatment for corona. TIP: Prevent unnecessary costs by getting cancellation insurance!

- What if I get sick during the trip?
You and your room mates will self-isolate and take a test. If the test is negative, you will avoid contact until you have recovered so others don't get symptoms and have to test as well. If the test is positive, you and your room mates will stay in quarantine until the symptoms are gone, supervised by a doctor.
We are not yet sure what this means for you if this makes you miss the bus back to the Netherlands. We'll update the activity page as soon as we know!

*this is a summary of the rules as interpreted by the Snowcie, and we cannot guarantee anything on the basis of this list. If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact the Snowcie.

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