SinterXmas Year's Eve drink

Happy new Ho Ho Ho and pepernoten!
What is up Hardboarders,
There is so many december holidays it can be hard to keep track. But we've fixed that for you, introducing: All of them at once! All of us will start of this joyous celebration on December 2nd with a drink at the Beiaard at 18:00. After 20:00 we will have to leave the Beiaard and we will split into groups of approximately 5. Everybody has to bring a gift and try to bring the best gift! (spend +- 7 euros if you're buying something). The groups will head to somebody's place to play games and challenge or battle each other in order to go home with the gift they want. 
It will be jolly good time, so make sure to sign up! Also if your place could be used to play games please mention this in your signup!
So for obvious reasons we can't go to the Beiaard anymore, but don't be afraid! Because the activity will still go through in slightly different form. Instead of going to the beiaard you will be put in a whatsapp group on Thursday, together with the people you will meet up with. The standard starting time will be 20:00 but you can of course also decide to eat together, meet up earlier or meet a little later. Since people are letting you come over, we would like to ask you to do a self-test as form of proper etiquette and try to adhere to rules as much as possible. 
What: SinterXmas Year's eve drink
When: 2nd of December 20:00 (Try and eat beforehand, it's also okay if you're a bit later)
Where: Hardboarders' homes 
Costs: Bring an awesome gift!
Sign Up Deadline: Monday 29th of Novemer

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