Rutbeek day

Summer time, Rutbeek time! It has been a while since Hardboard has organised an activity, but here we go!

On the 9th of Jule we will be chilling at the Rutbeek. We will bring some surfboards, bean bags, a slackline, the wench and lots of fun! The weather will be perfect for an chill day at the Rutbeek.

On top of that, the wavesurfcommitee will organise some games and exercises to improve your surfing. Always wanted to learn how to duckdive? This is your chance! You don’t need big waves to practise, the only thing you need is water and a board. We will also do some paddling exercises and games.

Don’t forget to bring enough drinks (stay hydrated) and snackies as you want. You can bring your own dinner, or we will order some food (pizza time????) with everyone who is interested!

Do you know same non-members who are interested in Hardboard? You may always bring them. Please indicate this by leaving a comment at the activity, so we have an indication how many people are joining.

Make sure to always stick to the rules and always keep 1.5m distance from each other. Also, make sure to sign up for this activity if you are planning to join. Be responsible.

What: rutbeek day

When: 9th of Jule, 13:30

Where: Rutbeek

Costs: free (but please signup for our log)

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