Island Tribe Deal!

Hey Hardboarder,

Boy, it's warm outside. With that warmth comes an unfortunate side-effect, namely that big yellow ball of nuclear fusion burning our poor, weak, soft skin. A great example of this looks like this:
Yeah, I'd rather avoid that. Luckily, Island Tribe has been nice enough to offer us a nice deal with biiiig discounts! With this surf-safe sunscreen, you have no excuse to turn red again. 

Island Tribe is thé go-to surf sunscreen. It's surf proof, and contains no coral-killing chemicals, meaning you can surf without worries. Besides their tough-as-fudge sun cream, they also have a great after-sun!
For this deal, check out this form! Fill it in before July 5th, and we'll try to get your items to you asap so you can safely get out on the water :) If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send us an email back.

Yours truly,

Maarten en Kevin
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