Wavesurfing clinic

Hola Wavesurfers!
The wavesurfing committee is organising a clinic to inform you about all the useful information about wavesurfing! This clinic will mainly be a preparation for the wavesurfing clinic. We will cover the basic (and more advanced) techniques, danger and safety rules, but also information about spots in Eiriceira!
If you are going on the wavesurfing trip this activity is the perfect preparation! So sign up and come by to learn some new stuff. The acitvity is free and will be held at a to be determined location. Bring your own drinks and snacks as you want.
What: wavesurf clinic
When: 3th of February, 20:00
Where: IJsbaanweg 139, Florian's place
We hope to see you there! 
Hang Loose, The wavesurfing committee

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