Every year a group of wavesurfing enthousiasts leave the cold harsh dutch winter to take on waves of a foreign country. Does your body tingle at the thought of epic waves? Does your heart beat faster when imagining Portuguese or Moroccan swell? Are you in desperate need for that toothpaste for the soul? Join the wavesurf trip! and look forward to a week full of waves, chill and sun!

The wavesurf trip is organized solely by the people going on the trip. The exact date that we will arrive and leave still has to be decided. The best week will probably be the week 15-22 february, because Saxion and the UT has a holiday period at that date.

Location: We also still need to decide on a possible location. Below I have already put some possible nice locations and info.  

  • Peniche (Portugal):
    Quite northernly in portugal. Potential for epic barrels at Supertubos. Can get northern and western swell. As far as coziness it doesn't have much to go for in february. The place also has a tendency to smell like dead fish.
  •  Supertubos!
  • Sagres (Portugal): 
    The wavesurf trip location of last year. Quite southernly in Portugal. Has the best range of possible swells. So most likely there will be quite a different collection of waves to choose from. Waves can be steep. Sagres itself is a very beautiful place with enough things to do.
     Praia de Tonel (Normally you surf left of this rock).
  • Ericeira (Portugal):
    My personal favourite. Europe's only world surf reserve. This place is all about surfing. It also has a cozy village. The waves here are very good, but can be quite challenging voor beginners if they get big. Luckily the whole coast is 8 km of spots.   
    Look at them lines baby!
  • Taghazout (Morocco)
    Probably the most distant contender we will consider. Don't let this spot fool you. This is the best place for surfing in Morocco. With great spots like Devil's Rock. <- does this sound scary to you? Don't worry it's actually a really good beginner spot. The name is derived from a local folklore. Is a bit more limited in spot diversity though. These waves will probably be the smallest. At this place you will definitely feel like you're the tourist. So that might be a disadvantage. (I don't know how this will be in february).
     devil's rock
  • Other options:
    These are not the only options. We organize this trip together, so if you have a suggestion feel free to join.
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