Efteling trip

Hola awesome people!
As you know, a small group of Hardboarders would go to the Efteling a while back. However, we chose to pick another data so more people could join :) We will go to the World of Wonders sunday the 7th of juli. The more the merrier, so feel free to join :)
If you still have full action card (spaarkaart) from the Albert Heijn action a while back, you can use them for a €10,- discount tickets untill the 16th of june (please make sure you get regular ticket of €32,-, not the low season tickets of €30,-). Also, the NS still has a nice action for those without weekend OV: €45,- for train, bus and Efteling ticket.
We will have to depart early (around 07:15 from Enschede Central) in order to arrive at the Efteling at a nice time. We'll be back around 21:45.
What: A very nice day at the Efteling with chill people
When: Sunday 7th of juli
Costs: €32,- with AH discount | €42,- regular price | €45,- if you have no weekend-OV

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