Acco instructie

All our material is stored in the "acco", short for accomodation. If you need anything, you will have to get if from there. But there's a catch to this: before you're granted access to the acco, you'll have to finish the instruction.


During the instruction, we'll show you around. There will be a quick tour through the acco (and as a bonus, we'll also visit the kelder - where all broken material is repaired) and we will show where you can find which materials. After you have finished your instruction, we will grant access to the key - you can find the key at the security in the Spiegel.


The instruction will be during the lunch break on Monday. We will gather at the acco. You can find the acco behind the UTrack, it is a green shed at the parking lot next to Langenkampweg. Click the link if you want Google Maps to bring you there :)

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