Potluck Diner

The weather is getting depressing again with lots of rain. The perfect time of the year to be cosy inside with your buddies (that is, if you can’t enjoy the good winds the weather brings), preferably with loads of good food too. Actiev offers you an activity that contains exactly these elements: A potluck diner!
The idea is very simple: everyone makes a dish (alone or with someone else) that he/she enjoys an which can be split into several portions but not necessarily enough portions for everyone that attends. The committee will buy some drinks, but not an overload. The food will be presented as a buffet and everyone can enjoy a vast amount of different dishes, good conversations, and the cosiness that comes with being with friends inside with bad weather. As it’s a buffet, it’s for our new members just as easy to drop in on conversations and mingle with those Hardboarders they haven’t seen during the goat yet as it is for the seasoned Hardboarder. Oh, you’ll be sure there’s something to eat you’ll like, even if you’re a picky eater, because everyone loves what they cook themselves right?
In short: potluck, make a dish you enjoy and bring it along. Be ready to enjoy a night of good company and plenty of food.
To make things even better, the overload of food will be followed up with a small winter cocktail workshop. Think of eggnog, glühwein, and many more. You need to sign-up separately.
Winter Cocktail sign-up: https://www.dwvhardboard.nl/agenda/2019/11/26/activiteit/winter-cocktail-workshop
Costs potluck +- €6,-
When: 26 November 18:00
Sign up/off deadline: 23 November 12:00 (Lunch; sign offs after this time will still be charged)
Don't forget to mention the dish (starter/main/desert) you'd prefer to make.

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