Hardboard Patch

Hello awesome Hardboard people,
The creacie committee though it was well about time for a new hardboard item to hardboardify your belongings! Because what is nicer than a clothing item, a boardbag, a changing towel poncho, a jacket, a curtain, a couch, a blanket, a tie, a pillow, a car seating, a doormat or a piece of underwear, the bottom of your socks? All those items with a Hardboard patch!!
Yes! we made Hardboard patches :D You can order as many as you want and stick/sew them on all your belongings. A preview of the design is shown below.
Prices will depend on the amount that will be ordered, so more orders equal cheaper patches. The patches will probably cost a maximum of 2 euros, with an order size of more than 100 the prices will drop quickly!
The size of the patch will be about 10cmx7cm
100 pieces =1,70
200 pieces =1.27
300 pieces =1,10
So if you want to order some patches please sign up to this activity and mention the amount of patches you want to order in the comments of your sign up. The sign up deadline will be the 16th of October.
What: HB Patch
Costs: 2-1 Euro
When: before 16 oktober
Why: you need more Hardboard items in your life

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