Bardag en GEIT committee market 10 oktober


Besides an awesome bardag, we also have a committe market this day. So you can score some crazy88 points for doing a barshift, as well as attending the committie market. The committee market starts at 20:00


What is the committie market? Hardboard has a lot of committees, for all the surfing sports but also for organising activities, a snowtrip or gala, for maintaining the transportation vehicles, doing business with companies and evening creating epic Hardboard merchandise! Listen to all committees introducing themselfs and take a look if there is something interesting for you to do!

If you want to read about the committees, go here:


Dear Hardboarders,

Research by the municipality shows that in most of the sportscanteens youth beneith the age of 18 still drink alcohol, wich is prohibitat by law. Also the check’s for ID proof are below par.
Now the municipality is making policicy to make us stick to the rules and gonna use a mystery shopper to test us.
I expect them in our sportcanteen as well, this time it’s serious guy’s!

Do you already have an IVA certification please sign up for this barday!

Thank you!

By working behind the bar at the sportkantine on campus, we earn allot of money for Hardboard which we use to keep our car and bus running!

You need the IVA certification for this barday! Get it online here:

You want to join this barday, but don't have a IVA yet? It is really easy to get one, it takes around 10 minutes. Please do! Visit this site:

and get your IVA before the barday. Fill in 'Hardboard' as asscociation and 'Hellen van de Water' as responsible person. (e-mail of her:

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