CREACIE ITEM: Bikkelbooster flask

Winter is coming, days are getting darker… so make sure you carry some liquid happiness with you at all times! How? By getting your very own Hardboard Bikkelbooster flask! With this awesome Creacie item you always have a little bit of Hardboard with you. Perfect for on the slopes while snowboarding or to warm up during/after a crazy winter surfing day (stainless steel + engraved so extreme-weather resistant). What do you get? An engraved Stainless steel 20 cL flask + funnel (trechter) AND 4 small Stainless-Steel cups to share some Bikkelbooster with your buddies! The complete set will cost between €11,- and €13,50 depending on the size of the order.


But wait, there is more! We are even willing to fill up the flask with Bikkelbooster for you if you like! This will cost you about €4,- extra.


Do you want an awesome HB Bikkelbooster flask?? Then fill in the form in this link before December 7th (07-12) 12:00


Order your flask here>>> <<<


Hang loose,



In short:

What: Stainless steel engraved flask (20 cL) + funnel + 4 small stainless steel cups

Price: between €11,- and €13,50 (excluding Bikkelbooster)

Additional: 1 Bikkelbooster filling for €4,- extra

Deadline: 07-12


Drink bewust, 18+

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